Paul Scholes was The Ultimate Footballer!

by paulgraham176

Paul scholes is definitely the most ‘football intelligent’ player, the Old Trafford crowd has ever seen. His passing, awareness and positioning are the best in the game. You may not have noticed it, while watching United on TV but what is obvious when watching from the stands around the country, is Scholes’s key involvement in United’s best moves and goals. Even today from a deeper position everything goes through Scholes. If the opposition get close he instinctively knows where the nearest available red shirt is and makes what appears to be an easy first time 10 yard pass taking his marker out of the game. Paul rarely gives the ball away. Back off and allow him time to look up and from a deep position he can hit a cross field diagonal pass that even Beckham would be proud of. Give him just a second or two on the ball in an advanced position and Scholes will cut through your entire defense with a single pass, perfectly timed and weighted to connect with the run of a United striker, Scholes seemingly sees these runs even before the runner himself.

Not just a passer.


Add to his vision and range of accurate passing, the shooting ability and knack of being in the right place at the right time normally only displayed by a striker (Remember the goal against Barcelona? In the semi-final of CL which we went on to win?).

A drive and passion for football and winning football matches, and you can also put him on a par with players in consideration for best United player because of their consistency, longevity and service to the club. Paul Scholes has rarely had a bad game in more than 15 years, never been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons and even retired from the England national team to prolong his United career despite multiple attempts by England managers to pursued him to return.

Quoting his former teammate and now Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville: 
“I would urge anyone who loves football, particularly if they have a child who wants to learn from professionals, to go along to watch him play in flesh this season. Don’t watch anyone else. Just watch him for 90 minutes. Sacrifice your gate money and don’t look at the ball, unless Scholes has it. Don’t worry about watching the goals or any other player. Just look at his positioning, where he places himself, his body shape when he receives the ball, where he moves when he hasn’t got the ball and how he sets himself to play the ball. You’ll learn more about the game in 90 minutes than you will from any coaching video or training session.”


Scholes has an uncanny ability to find space. This ability of his makes sure he is available to his team mates most of the time. This also gives him all the time in the world to make his next move thereby controlling the pace of the game. If you have noticed carefully, scholes sometimes collects the ball from the keeper during goal kicks. He is everywhere on the pitch and has a remarkable positioning sense. His vision is exemplary which enables him to ping those long range passes.

Paul Scholes is not just the best Manchester United player ever he was the ultimate footballer.