The Top 10 Popular Football Clubs

by paulgraham176

10) Juventus: Juventus are currently placed at 10th in the list with 21 million fans across the world.

9) Inter Milan: Inter Milan: Inter Milan are expected to have 24 million fans world wide.

8) Bayern Munich: Bayern Munich are estimated to have 50 million fans which makes them 8th in the list of most popular football clubs.

7) Liverpool : Despite of failing to seize Champions League spot in recent years, Liverpool are estimated to have 70 million global fans.

6) AC Milan : AC Milan are supported by 98 million fans around the world.

5) Arsenal : Arsenal have a strong fan base at Asia and Africa that has led them to have 115 million fans worldwide.

4) Chelsea: Chelsea are another club to have a huge fan base at Asia which leads them to have 140 million supporters worldwide which puts them 4th in the list of most popular football clubs.

3) Real Madrid: Real Madrid are 3rd in list of most popular football clubs with an estimated 180 million fans.

2) Barcelona: Barcelona might have won everything in recent five years, but they are only the second most popular football club, with approximately 260 million fans.

1) Manchester United: Manchester United have the most fans around the world, with an astonishing 350 million Red Devils. This fanbase puts them 1st in the list of most popular football clubs.